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Download SQLiteCrypt

To make sure that SQLiteCrypt meets your needs, please download and try:

  • SQLiteCrypt demo version for Linux (built in Redhat/ Centos 6 but should work in other distros).

  • SQLiteCrypt for Windows (Win32). This demo version allows only databases with up to 6 character passphrase. Passphrase stored  in open text in the database header.  The library and SQLite command line tool was compiled in Visual Studio 2005.

  • SQLiteCrypt JDBC driver, based on SQLite JDBC driver.

  • Android: sample app files/android-sqlitecrypt-test-demo.zip  and wrapper for Android: android-database-sqlitecrypt

  • .Net wrapper System.Data.SQLite (This is official System.Data.SQLite, works only in desktops)

  • For Xamarin/ .Net apps, we recommend using this light-weight version of System.Data.SQLite. It works virtually everywhere, include following platforms:

    • Xamarin.Android

    • Xamarin.iOS

    • UWP

    • Windows Phone 8.1

    • .NET 4.5 .NET 4.0 .NET 3.5

    • Linux

    • MacOS

    • NetStandard 1.1

    Just add reference to System.Data.SQLite to use regular SQLite in your app, then replace original sqlite3 dll/so by SQLiteCrypt's binary. Use sqlite3.dll here for testing in Windows. Sample application (for Windows) is here.


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